Public Financial Management Topic Guide

  • Nov 2014
  • Transparency International (TI)
  • International

This publication provides an easy access to relevant readings related to each stage of the PFM cycle. It highlights specific areas where there is disagreement about the best approach or where implementation practices differ widely between countries. It sheds light on the gap between theory and practice, tackling the challenges low capacity and political and economic realities pose for the ideal PFM system. Links to country examples and case studies are also provided. The guide includes a study which evaluates the results of donor support to public financial management reforms. To this end, the study analyses quantitative evidence on the quality of PFM systems from a sample of 100 countries, and assesses factors, cross-country differences and variations in the quality of PFM systems over time. The study has aimed to answer two questions, namely:

  1. where and why do PFM reform efforts succeed?
  2. where and how does external support for PFM reform efforts contribute most effectively to their success?