Ensuring Integrity in the Governance and Institutional Response to COVID-19

  • Apr 2020
  • The World Bank Group (WBG)
  • International

This note provides guidance on addressing and mitigating corruption risks in the COVID-19 response, both in the initial response and in the medium term. Over time, and as we learn more about the impact and effectiveness of responses to the crisis, it will be essential to adjust anticorruption efforts to support new governance arrangements and give greater attention to addressing impunity for misbehavior, as well as to shaping norms and standards that affect public sector performance and behavior. The note identifies the broad areas of government response where corruption risks are present and heightened in the context of a pandemic emergency, describes the types of risks that are likely to arise, and provides recommendations for addressing and mitigating them. Guidance provided in this note should be read in combination with the other pieces on the Governance and Institutional Response to the COVID19 Pandemic.