Advice, Money, Results Rethinking International Support for Managing Public Finance

  • Edward Hedger, Roger Koppl, Florence Kuteesa, Nick Manning, Barbara Nunberg, Jana Orac, Allen Schick, Paul Smoke, Duvvuri Subbarao.
  • Jun 2020
  • Robert F Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University
  • International

This report is identifies problems with current approaches to external assistance in PFM and offers specific proposals on how to move toward a new, more “open” model of managing public finance that is fit for the 2020s and a post-COVID world grappling with climate change. It discusses how to build on and improve the existing “closed” model of PFM, examines the possibilities that may emerge if we envisage PFM as an “open” system and consider questions regarding how PFM influences public policy and puts forward seven proposals for how to put this agenda into practice.